Expedited Employment
Application Program for Refugees

Here at CybelAngel, we condemn the war against Ukraine and all violence. We join hundreds of other companies worldwide calling for an end of the war and a return to peace in and around Ukraine.

We understand the Russia-Ukraine conflict has left many Ukrainians urgently seeking work. We are committed to providing support and an expedited employment and immigration application process to those impacted in Ukraine and eligible to work in France.

How to Apply:

To pursue this opportunity, please take the following steps

  1. Review job openings at cybelangel.com/careers
  2. If you see a role of interest based in France, submit an application for that role accordingly.

  3. Submit a second short application to this role:
    Expedited Employment Application Program for Refugees

Please note: This program does not guarantee an offer of employment.
General selection criteria and procedures remain in place to ensure an equitable hiring process.

If you are eligible for this program and offered employment, CybelAngel will provide: 

  • Flights to France for you and your immediate
    family to relocate if you are currently outside of France.
  • Relocation funding and support to find permanent accommodations, employment registration, French Administration support, etc. 
  • Mental health counseling and services
  • A community of CybelAngel employees to welcome and support you.

Stronger Together

CybelAngel is proud to employ a diverse and inclusive team of employees from a wide range of backgrounds and locations.
We welcome candidates from refugee populations and
other displaced persons.